MAP S.Platis Regulatory Radar: 1st Issue (Aug 2014)

MAP S.Platis, the leading and most specialised consultancy firm for financial services companies in the region, is delighted to publish the 1st Issue of its ‘Regulatory ...

55% of CIF licenses issued in Q2 2014 by CySEC consulted by MAP S.Platis!

As a sign that the Cyprus Investment Firm sector is growing stronger, NINE (9) more Cyprus Investment Firms have received their CySEC license within the second quarter ...

The Cyprus EMIR Conference 2013 by MAP S.Platis

The Cyprus EMIR Conference 2013 organized by MAP S.Platis took place on the 30th of November 2013. The conference was attended by more than 200 people, mainly senior-level ...

60% of CIF licenses issued by CySEC in Q3 2013 consulted and promoted by MAP S.Platis!

As a sign that Cyprus has managed to overcome to a large degree the effects of the financial crisis which hit its banking sector in March this year and led to the forced ...

58% of all CIF licenses issued by CySEC within 2013 to-date consulted by MAP S.Platis!

Further to CySEC’s recent announcement regarding licenses issued within 2013, the Financial Services Advisory Teams of MAP S.Platis are pleased to confirm that MAP S.Platis ...

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Banking Advisory

Cyprus induction in the EU has brought a tsunami of regulation for banks. We pride to have the best team of experts in their field helping our prominent clients at any stage, from the establishment and activation of a bank in Cyprus to its expansion or restructuring and on a continuous basis with compliance support. Our Company offers a wide range of services for banks such as:

  • Bank registration
  • Bank activation
  • Money laundering compliance
  • Banking supervision issues
  • Advice on capital adequacy directive
  • Advice on merger control/antitrust
  • Compliance with national and EU Laws
  • Drafting of bank-customer agreements
  • Leasing contracts
  • Mortgage credit issues
  • Consumer credit issues
  • Suretyship issues
  • Payment systems advice
  • Cheque truncation advice
  • Money transfer advice
  • Currency exchange advice
  • Outsourcing advice
  • Advice on advertisements
  • Representation before the authorities
  • Opinions

For more information and to compare our prices please feel free to contact us.

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